Is it wrong to be a bit disappointed with The Day of the Doctor? Now, I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the show, I'm a huge fan, after all, but maybe that's what the problem was. As a fan, I just wanted more! More of everything! More Doctors! More  Companions! More villains…etc! Just more!

There was plenty to enjoy about this episode, of course. From the inclusion of Kate Stewart to the surprise appearance of Tom Baker, all of which were fun for the longtime fans. The little nods to history began right from the beginning with the policeman at Totter's Lane and the name I. Chesterton on the board of governor's sign at the Coal Hill School. Later we see Osgood wearing a Fourth Doctor scarf. Maybe, a little over the top, but still fun.

Day of the Doctor

It was also fun to hear Osgood's ringtone for the Doctor. Who among us don't also have that very same sound of the TARDIS as our own ringtone?

Perhaps the most humorous moment of the show had to be the comparison of sonic screwdrivers. "Compensating? Regeneration is a lottery." Hilarious! Still just one of the wonderful moments between Matt Smith and David Tennant. And once again, something the fan in me couldn't get enough of.

But that leads me to one of the biggest disappointments with the show. It would have been nice to have thrown Christopher Eccleston into the mix. Who am I kidding, I would have liked to seen all of the Doctors in the episode. I know it would have been a nightmare to write and produce, but the fan in me wanted more. At the very least, they could have made it clearer that John Hurt was regenerating into Christopher Eccleston.

Another major disappointment of the episode was the way Rose was included, but not really included. It would have been nice to see how Rose would interact with Matt Smith's Doctor and Clara. I know it would have made the storyline with Elizabeth I more difficult, but the fan in me wanted more.

That brings up the return of the Zygons. It was great to see the big red suckers, but their story seemed to be a secondary storyline, and somewhere along the line completely disappeared. As far as I can tell, Kate Stewart and the Zygons are still stuck in the Black Archive, not knowing who is Zygon or human. The fan in me just wanted more Zygons.

That brings us to what frankly was perhaps the most disappointing moment, the scene at the end where all the Doctors emerge from the TARDIS. It was fine to see them all from behind. Sure they were all stand-in actors, but at least we could pretend they were all there.. Then they moved the camera angle to the front, and the best they could do was paste in a few images that were clearly still photos? With the CGI capabilities available today, they couldn't do something a little better than that? A little movement would have done wonders. The fan in me wanted more!

Yes, the fan in me wanted so much more. I'm not deluded. I realize that only so much can fit into one episode. It's just a good thing that it's a relatively shorter time until the next installment. And, hey, Gallifrey Stands!. Does that mean the possible return of… Romana?