Well it's happened, we've gone through another regeneration. Why, you say? No, we didn't fall from a satellite dish or absorb an enormous amount of radiation, but with the 50th Anniversary events going on all around us, we couldn't let the opportunity go by without making some changes of our own. Feel free to take a tour and kick a few tires.

Much like a Time Lord regeneration, you'll find many things here haven't really changed. On the other hand, you may notice some things have indeed been added while other things have been dropped. In this fast paced era, websites are all about change, and in order to continue providing interesting content, we will keep on mixing things up.

So if you like a feature and would like to see more of it, or if you dislike a feature, we'd still like to hear from you either way. Just use areĀ Contact page and let us know what you think. Or head to our Forum and voice your opinion there.