In the midst of this long drought between episodes, we've been left with many questions to ponder. I thought I would take the time to address a few of the ones that I have been dwelling on.

The first one is the "Which Doctor is John Hurt supposed to be?" question. Personally the only thing that makes much sense to me is that he is an older version of the eighth Doctor. There is so much we don't know about the eighth Doctor's time, that pretty much anything could have happened in that period, including aging to a ripe old age before regenerating into Doctor nine. In that case, I would feel bad for Paul McGann that they didn't bring him back to play the role.

The only thing we know for certain before the Doctor's return in Rose, is that he committed an unforgivable act to end the Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks. Now the ninth doctor could have been the one who did this, but since he is seen in Rose admiring himself in the mirror as if seeing himself for the first time, i think most would presume this is a fairly new regeneration for him. So the point is, the details we have been given about the time between the seventh and eighth Doctor are sketchy at best and anything could have happened since we never saw the regeneration.

And that rings us to the theory that John Hurt could be a completely different Doctor, and the Doctors we know as ten and eleven would actually be eleven and twelve. Now this is a definite possibility and is somewhat supported by Steven Moffat's statements that John Hurt is a completely new Doctor. But, of course, Moffat is known to be misleading at times, so you have to take what he says with a grain of salt.

The one thing I would say to Mr. Moffat is "Don't mess with our numbering, Dude". Don't just throw out years of history that we've all built up on the order of the Doctors. It just wouldn't seem right to have to call Tennant eleven and Smith twelve. Of course, the argument could always be made that we'veĀ  been numbering the Doctors wrong all this time anyway, since we don't really know if there were Doctors before the one we know as the first. But let's put that possibility aside and blissfully assume our numbering has always been correct and say, "Don't change it".

Moffat himself has basically contradicted the idea that this may be a new Doctor sandwiched between Eight and Nine when he has talked about finding the new actor to play the twelfth Doctor. If there was a missing Doctor then wouldn't he be looking for the thirteenth? And that brings us to the big question we've all had since Matt Smith announced his departure, who will play the next Doctor?

I always get a little nervous when it is time to replace the existing Doctor. What if the guy they pick totally sucks at it? I thought the same thing when David Tennant was leaving. I knew nothing about Matt Smith, so of course, I was skeptical he could replace what at the time was the perfect Doctor. Turned out I loved Matt right from the start, and Moffat apparently knew what he was doing.

This time I'm trying to have a little more faith in Moffat and assume that he won't make the wrong choice. I'm still a little concerned about the possibility of making the Doctor a woman, but hopefully he won''t go that way. The idea just seems wrong to me. The politically correct will say why can't the Doctor be a woman? But to me, you would be fundamentally changing the character for a cheap publicity stunt.

It's like those who can't let men have a club that women aren't allowed to be members of. Why shouldn't men be able to have private clubs when women have their own. So in that vain, can't a character that was created as a male remain a male? If you want a female Time Lord, create a female Time Lord (Romana for one comes to mind). Why must a perfectly fine iconic male character be sacrificed to political correctness? Would you ever make James Bond into a woman?

Anyway, just more things to ponder nervously while we wait.