A Good Man Goes to War


It Seems the Doctor is Quite angry about someone kidnapping Amy and replacing her with a flesh copy, and he's taking it out on the Cybermen. His TARDIS is also popping up around the universe picking up friends and companions as if he is building an army in preparation of war.

At the Demon's Run Asteroid, the group responsible for Amy's kidnapping has an army of their own. They are on high alert expecting retaliation from the Doctor at any moment. The asteroid is the home of a mysterious group known as the Headless Monks. The monks have allied themselves with the kidnappers in exchange for "volunteers" to fill their own ranks. Presumably this means some lucky suckers might have to lose their heads.

Meanwhile Amy has given birth to a baby girl and named her Melody Pond. The nasty Madame Kovarian quickly takes Amy's baby from her. Amy tells her that the Doctor and Rory are coming for her.

In the hanger of the base, a ceremony of sorts is going on. As the soldiers look on, their commander tells them they are being given a rare privilage to see what is under the Headless Monks' hoods. Normally even the thought of seeing this would mean instant death. The Colonel pulls back the hoods on two Monks to reveal that they indeed have no heads, but when he gets to the third Monk, he pulls the hood back only to reveal the Doctor. He's used this ploy to get the soldiers and the Headless Monks to turn on each other. In he confusion, the Doctor quickly turns the tide against the kidnappers and gets them all to surrender thanks to the timely appearance of his own allies.

While this was going on, Rory was busy saving his baby and finding Amy. A baby who the Doctor finds out, thanks to the scans done by her kidnappers, has strands of Time Lord DNA mixed in with human. Apparently being conceived while in the TARDIS might have some affects on a baby. An escaped Madam Kovarian comes on a screen to taunt the Doctor that she has fooled him twice the same way.

Of course it has all been too easy. The kidnappers had surrendered without anyone losing their life, but it has all been a trap. A trap sprung by the Headless Monks as they close in around Amy and Rory and the Doctor's remaining allies who haven't left. They mean to defend the baby, but as the baby dissolves into flesh in Amy's arms, they realize that the real baby has been taken away. The discouraged group fight off the Headless Monks, but not without a few casualties.

The Doctor rushes back just as the fight has ended and River Song finally shows up. She finally reveals to an angry Doctor who she is. The news appears to make the Doctor giddy, and he promptly tells Amy he will find her daughter and hops into the TARDIS and leaves. Amy questions River about what she told the Doctor. River explains that her name translated from the language of the forest actually means Melody Pond. River is the grown up version of Amy and Rory's baby...