The Snowmen


Young Walter Simeon was a weird little boy. Weird enough that when his snowman talks to him, he rolls with it. Fifty years later, that intelligence in the snowman has been moved to a giant snow globe, and Walter has begun feeding poor workmen to ravenous snowmen in his backyard. The evil pair obviously have some nefarious plan.

Clara the barmaid pops outside for some air just in time to find a creepy snowman has mysteriously appeared outside the tavern door. Curious she believes, but not as curious as the odd man that happens to pass by and takes notice of her questions about the snowman. The Doctor is briefly intrigued by the thought of intelligent snow, but then quickly decides to mind his own business and be on his way. Clara, however, senses something about this strange man, and wont let him disappear into the night. She chases after him as he jumps into a horse drawn carriage.

Meanwhile, Walter shows an interest in the frozen pond outside the house of Captain Latimer. Seems the pond still contains the frozen remains of the Governess of Captain Latimer's kids. She apparently had fallen in and drowned and the pond had frozen over before anyone found her. Walter believes he has a claim on the contents of the pond.

The Doctor has stopped his carriage to deal with an unwanted passenger, Clara. He instructs his Sontaran carriage driver, Strax, to fetch the memory worm. The worm can erase the memory of anyone who touches it, and the Doctor plans on using it on Clara to make her forget she has ever met him. Before he can initiate his plan a pair of wicked snowmen appear. Apparently, the snow contains a telepathic field that is influenced by the thoughts around it, and Clara was thinking of the snowmen. More snowmen keep appearing as Clara can't stop thinking of them. The Doctor tells her she must control her thoughts and think of the snowmen melting. With a little effort, she manages to accomplish the melting, but this leaves a slight problem for the Doctor. He can't leave her defenseless by making her forget how to fight against the telepathic snow.

His only option is to try to send her away again, but once again Clara refuses to be left behind. This time she covertly follows him as he strolls to a park and climbs a ladder that appears from thin air. She follows the Doctor up the ladder to a staircase that continues up into the clouds. All of this is apparently invisible to those on the ground. Winding her way to the top of the staircase, Clara is amazed to find the TARDIS sitting on a cloud. She knocks on the TARDIS door, but hides when the Doctor responds to the knock. She then quickly retreats back down the staircase and returns to her normal life.

In the morning, however, we discover that Clara's life isn't so normal. She isn't just a barmaid. Apparently she is also living a secret life as the current governess of Captain Latimer's two kids. She discovers that one of her charges, daughter Francesca, has been having dreams of the frozen nanny returning from out of the pond on christmas day. Clara realizes the dreams must be connected to the telepathic snow, and decides she must seek help from the Doctor.

Clara returns to the park to try and get the Doctor's attention. However, her shouting alarms Jenny who decides to drag Clara back to the home she shares with her companion, Madame Vastra. Apparently Vastra, Jenny and Strax have been living in this time period in order to aid the Doctor in his desire to remain aloof from the world's problems. They have taken it upon themselves to screen anyone who comes seeking the Doctor's help. Madame Vastra puts a series of questions to Clara which she answers adequately. Vastra informs Clara she will forward a message to the Doctor, but it must be a message that can be summed up in one word. The word Clara comes up with, "Pond". The message does indeed get through to the Doctor.

The Doctor pays Dr. Simeon and the Intelligence in the snow globe a visit. He deduces that the intelligence can't survive very long as just snow, so it must be looking for some way to evolve . He then makes the connection to the frozen nanny at the bottom of the pond. The intelligence plans on using that body as a template for creating it's own viable human form.

Meanwhile, Clara has returned to Captain Latimer's estate just in time for the frozen nanny's reappearance from the pond. This time, however she is made of ice and appears very intent on punishing the naughty children in the house. Thankfully, the Doctor arrives just in the nick of time and shatters the ice nanny with his sonic screwdriver. Unfortunately, the group only has moments before the creature begins to reform itself. They run for it and retreat downstairs where they find Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax have just arrived. Further retreat has been cut off by the appearance of numerous snowmen outside.

The Doctor realizes that he must keep the ice nanny away from the snowmen. If they make contact, the snowmen will be able to replicate the indestructible qualities of the ice nanny. With Clara's help, the Doctor lures the ice nanny to the roof of the Latimer estate. The Doctor has conveniently parked the TARDIS in the clouds above the estate and now retreats to it with the nanny not too far behind.

In the midst of their retreat, the Doctor takes the time to introduce Clara to the TARDIS. It is clear that the wall the Doctor has built up after losing Amy and Rory has begun to break. Clara has quickly grown on him and he realizes that she is special enough to lure him out of his doldrums. Just as he is giving her a key to the TARDIS, however, they are interrupted by the reappearance of the ice nanny who grabs Clara and drags her off the edge of the cloud and plummets to the ground below.

While the fall has apparently shattered the ice nanny, it has also killed Clara. Strax is able to use his advanced technology to bring her back to life, but just barely. Clara asks the Doctor if he will save the world again. Only if she agrees to live and come away with him. Of course she agrees.

The Doctor flies the TARDIS to confront the great intelligence and Dr. Simeon in their own home. He tricks Simeon into grabbing what he thinks are pieces of the ice nanny, but is in fact the memory worm. The Doctor believes without Simeon's mental influence, the intelligence will be unable to function. Unfortunately, now that Simeon's memory has been wiped, there is now room for the Great Intelligence to take over his body. The intelligence now appears to be on the verge of overwhelming the Doctor.

Back at the Latimer estate, Clara can't hold on much longer as a tear escapes her eye. The great sadness experienced by Captain Latimer and his children has a profound affect on the snow outside, turning it all to rain. The effect reaches all the way to the Great Intelligence and melts him, saving the Doctor just in time.

The Doctor returns to the Latimer estate to find Clara with just moments to live. With her dying breath she tells the Doctor to "Run you clever boy, and Remember". It is only at her grave that the Doctor puts the connection completely together. On her tombstone is Clara's full name - Clara Oswin Oswald. Somehow she is the same girl that he sort of met on the Asylum of the Daleks. Both times she died repeating those same words. Convinced that she is still alive somewhere, the Doctor returns to the TARDIS to try and find Clara.

Sometime in the future, in the very same cemetery where Clara's body was buried, a young woman who looks very much like Clara, is exploring with a friend.