Nightmare of Eden


The TARDIS lands at the site of a hyperspatial collision between two spacecraft, the Empress and the Hecate. As a result, neither ship is dimensionally stable, risking the lives of all those aboard. As both captains get together to essentially exchange insurance information, the Doctor, K9 and Romana interrupt and offer to help out.

Romana believes the ships can be separated if they can repeat the process that got them together in the first place. The problem is, the necessary power supply is located on the other side of an unstable zone created by the fused ships.

In their efforts to separate the ships, the Doctor discovers that someone on board is smuggling the dangerous drug known as Vraxoin. The question is, where is the supply coming from. Romana, meanwhile discovers a scientist named Tryst who has brought a device on board that samples alien environments and can recreate them on a wall like a live painting. Romana believes the device may prove dangerous.

When a crewmember is found dead, his face lacerated by huge claws, it seems something deadly has been released by the accident. The Doctor and Romana believe the projection device may have been affected by the crash and is now letting some of the creatures from these alien environments to escape from their cages.

Believing the answer to the drug smuggling connection must be found in one of these alien environments, the Doctor and Romana leap into the jungle environment of Eden. Unfortunately, this is also the environment where the brutal Mandrel creatures are coming from, and it isn't long before the Time Lords are under attack.

Stott, a drug enforcement agent, comes to their rescue. Stott has been undercover with Tryst's science expedition trying to find the source of vraxoin. He was left for dead on the planet Eden, but was in fact captured in the alien projection machine. The trio compare notes and leave the Eden environment to find the Drug trafficker.

As the monstrous Mandrels tear through the corridors of the helpless spaceships, the Doctor and Romana must still separate the ships, a feat they manage to accomplish despite the interference of galactic police who believe the Doctor to be the vrax smuggler.

Thanks to the timely electrocution of a Mandrel, the Doctor discovers the creatures are composed of vrax and are how the drugs are being snuggled. He soon puts two and two together and realizes that Tryst must be the one who is smuggling the drug, and he was meeting his partner, the captain of the Hecate, to transfer his illicit cargo.

After Stott clears up the confusion with the police, they help the Doctor get all the Mandrel's back into the projection machine. Unfortunately, Tryst and Captain Dymond have fled to the Hecate and appear to have gotten away. Before they can get away cleanly, however, the Doctor uses Trysts own projection machine to capture the two criminals and matter transmute them back into the arms of the police.