Gabriella Gonzalez is being pursued on a subway by a monstrous version of herself. Good thing the Doctor is also on that same train and there to protect her. Unfortunately he is not having any success at using his sonic to soothe the massive creature. The pair can do nothing but retreat backwards through the train. Their flight is halted, however, when there are no subway cars left to retreat to. Finally the train pulls into a station and the two of them jump onto the platform. As they make their way to the exit, they discover that way is also blocked. The vicious creature is still pursuing them and now has them cornered. The Doctor warns Gabby not to look it in the eyes. Taking that advice to heart, Gabby pulls a mirror from her handbag and points it at the creature. Something about the mirror shorts out the creatures psychic connection. The creature disappears and an unconscious man remains in its place.

The Doctor and Gabby quickly exit the subway platform. Gabby's question begin pretty quickly afterward. The Doctor provides very few answers and in fact tells Gabby to go home and forget everything that just happened. He leaves her to go about her own life and he returns to the TARDIS. But Gabby doesn't go home immediately. She follows the Doctor back to where he has left the TARDIS. When she sees him disappear into the blue box, she finally decides to call it a night.

The next day, after getting no response from knocking on the TARDIS door, she returns to her family's laundromat to work her shift, but something isn't quite right. Just then something odd comes through a back door and she gives it a nice whack with a handy bat. Only then does she realize it is the strange man from the night before. he is wearing some strange electronic device on his head.

When the Doctor recovers, Gabby once again begins asking for explanations. She draws her own conclusions, and he lets her believe them. He does, however, let her see what he was looking for through the device on his head. The contraption allows the wearer to see a race the Doctor calls Pranavores, normally only visible outside of human perception. The Pranavore have been on earth as long as humans and feed off the positive emotions of the people of earth.Gabby gets a chance to use the device and see the creatures for herself, but she also spots other nastier creatures. These are the opposite of the Pranavore, they feed off of negative emotions.

The Doctor, as usual has decided to try and speak to the nasty creatures and give them one chance. However, the Cerebravores don't seem at all receptive to his connection with them. They threaten him and the entire planet. It is pretty clear they are up to something that must be stopped. Using their psychic projection, the Cerebravores are able to take physical form by possessing humans.

Gabby makes the connection with weird out of control spinning washing machines at the laundromat the other night, and the Doctor realizes that must have been the entry point for the malicious creatures. As the pair of them make their way back to the laundromat, the Cerebravores make an attempt to possess Gabby. Gabby bravely fights it off and the two of them race into the laundromat.

Inside, the Doctor has Gabby turn all the washing machine along the wall on and a gateway is formed. From what the Doctor can tell, the current Cerebravores chasing them are merely a scouting party for a much larger force on the other side of the gateway. The Time Lord has no choice but to go through the gateway and shut down its power source on the other side. He gives Gabby his headset and tells her to hold off the Cerebravores clammering outside the laundromat door for as long as possible and keep the washing machines running. The Doctor then jumps through the gateway.

Gabby bravely holds the creatures at bay, but she realizes to late that they may be getting in the back door. Meanwhile, the Doctor looks like he is done for when he is also attacked by a nasty Cerebravore on the other side of the gateway...

Written by Nick Abadzis  Art by Elena Casagrande