New Series

Well Series 6 has sure gotten off with a bang, or more precisely a sort of zap. Okay, not so precisely. I'd say it was a mixture of bang and zap. In the first five minutes of Series six's opening episode, The Impossible Astronaut, the one character you knew would never be killed was shot dead. If you don't want to know more, then you better not read ahead.

Okay, admit it. When you heard the title of the Doctor Who Christmas special was going to be “A Christmas Carol”, you thought, “Oh great, not another one”. How many times have we seen it? A show stays on the air long enough; they eventually get around to doing a version of the Charles Dickens classic, usually an incredibly bad version at that. So with that in my mind, imagine my surprise when this version of the Christmas Carol turns out to be something completely different… well, not exactly different… well, okay it’s sort of exactly the same, only different.