The thing I really like about these BBC Doctor Who books is how much they feel like one of the t.v. episodes, and The Price of Paradise by Colin Brake is no different in that regard.

Price of Paradise coverThe story takes place on what appears to be a paradise planet. After a starship crashes in one of it’s lush jungles, paradise begins to turn into a nightmare. The Doctor and Rose witness the crash and set off to help the survivors. Meanwhile, the natives of the planet have been experiencing plenty of planetary unrest with earthquakes and violent storms. People begin going missing just as legendary creatures called the Witiku begin appearing. Things get progressively worse after the ship crashes and after the survivors begin mixing it up with the Witiku. The planet itself seems to be rising up to shake off these unwanted visitors. Of course the Doctor has to sort it all out.

This adventure has plenty of perilous action and danger around every corner. The Doctor and Rose seem to be about to lose their lives through out most of the book, which means this book is an entertaining read. Again, as in most of these books, the story has likable characters, if somewhat stereotypical characters. The writers realize in these relatively short books that they’ve got to grab the readers attention quickly, so if they have to use a few cookie cutter characters, it just helps move the story along.

At this point in the series, the Doctor and Rose are both handled well and true to their character from the television show. There are even a few tidbits of insight into their characters that some might find interesting.

The one flaw in this book that I would mention is that it’s a bit obvious what is happening with the villagers. We’ve seen this plot device many times before in other stories and isn’t hard to figure out. But as I’ve said before in other reviews, I don’t mind a familiar plot as long as you present it in an interesting way. The constant threat of danger and the vicious Witiku creatures give this story what it needs to keep me reading.

Despite not having the most original plot or characters, The Price of Paradise is still an enjoyable read. Click on the image and the Price might be right on