True to form, The Art of Destruction by Stephen Cole retains the qualities found in other books in the new tenth Doctor book series, unique plotlines, and interesting characters. Of course it also has a few twists and turns and some pretty gruesome villains. The only problem is, there are so many sides to this that it’s pretty hard to decide who the villains are.

art of destruction coverIt all starts as the Doctor’s adventures usually start. This time the Doctor and Rose land in 22nd century Africa. A research facility has been set up near an active volcano and they appear to be trying to develop mushrooms to provide food for an overpopulated world, but everything isn’t as it seems, because the Doctor has discovered evidence of alien technology somewhere nearby.

When people and other living things start getting taken over and transformed into gold statues, it looks like maybe this research facility is involved in something shady, but each time you think you have it figured out, the story takes off in a new direction. These golden statues don’t just stand there either, they come to life to guard and protect an alien races’ art collection that has been buried beneath the volcano. Add in a sneaky multi-tongued alien tomb robber and a race of disgusting, giant, warlike worms and this book becomes awful crowded. Seems the Doctor and Rose, as well as the whole planet Earth, have gotten caught in the middle of an ancient war between two alien races. With everything that happens in this book, it would be interesting to see how they would translate it onto film, although, it probably wouldn’t be feasible because of budget constraints.

There is also plenty of character development in the story as well as a mix of likable and unlikable characters. Rose seems to be making a habit of finding a young man she fancies on everywhere she lands.The fact that she is supposed to love the Doctor doesn’t seem to stop her from checking out what’s available.

And speaking of Rose, wait until you see what happens to her. You may find yourself thinking, “Well, how are they going to get her out of this one?” You know she’s not going to die in a BBC book… is she?

With all the different factions vying for supremacy, it’s up to the Doctor to sort it all out. Will he manage to stop a war, save the earth, and rescue Rose? It’s well worth reading The Art of Destruction to find out.