The Resurrection Casket by Justin Richards was without a doubt a fun read. Space Pirates, homicidal robots, an oddly polite monster, throw in the Doctor and Rose, and what more could you ask for in a story?

resurrection casket coverLike most of these new tenth Doctor books, this one is a fairly short one, and employs some of the same old publishers tricks to make it look longer. With that being said, it is still a worthwhile story and a fast read.

The Doctor and Rose suddenly find themselves stranded on a planet with a non functioning TARDIS, thanks to a naturally occurring electromagnetic field. Because of this field, many space ships have been caught and stranded over many years. A settlement developed in the area over time, and eventually became a bustling spaceport. The only catch is all the machinery has to run on old-fashioned steam power, even the robots.

It isn’t long before the Doctor and Rose discover that people are being killed by a perfectly polite monster, and it all seems to be connected to a notorious pirate who disappeared 50 years before. The Doctor and Rose eventually get caught up in a hunt for the Pirate’s lost treasure and a device known as the resurrection casket. Some interesting, if obvious twists later, leaves the Doctor in a desperate fight for his and his companions’ lives.

For the most part, the characterization of the Doctor and Rose is well done. The same could also be said for the supporting characters as well as the antagonists. The only flaw might have been when the author tried to include little references to the Doctor and Rose’s television adventures. Now I don’t mind him trying to make a connection to the series, but the way he did it seemed a bit awkward and forced.

In spite of this minor flaw, I would have to say The Resurrection Casket has been my favorite thus far of the tenth Doctor series, and I would recommend it for a quick entertaining read.