In a live event broadcast simultaneously around the world, the identity of who would be playing the Twelfth Doctor was finally revealed. And the Doctor is... Peter Capaldi!

After hearing the announcement that Matt Smith would be leaving the role of the Doctor, speculation began running rampant of who would take his place. As is typical whenever a new Doctor is being considered, the names being tossed around ranged from interesting to out right ridiculous. Would it be a woman this time? Would he be old or young? All just part of the excitement of having a new Doctor.

 So on Sunday morning (at least here in the states) we waited with baited breath for the reveal. The BBC wasn't going to just tell us, however. They let the anticipation build as people like Peter Davison and doctor who fans were interviewd. Even Matt Smith and Steven Moffat weighed in on the drama before finally revealing that the next actor portraying the Doctor would be Peter Capaldi.

Personally, I can't say that I know much about Mr. Capaldi or his career. I am, of course familiar with him for his role in The Fires of Pompeii, but other than that, he will be a complete mystery to me. In a way, it is better that way. Now I don't have any preconceptions of who he is.

He's definitely older than we've seen in the role lately, but it may be interesting to mix up that dynamic anyway. Will he interact with Jenna  the same way Matt did, or will it be completely different? Matt and Jenna had such a wonderful chemistry, it is hard to imagine that it will work the same, but then there's always something interesting in having to reform those connections between the characters.

Will he be a dark Doctor? Will he be cranky or clownish? So many questions yet to be answered. Only time will tell, but I'm betting that just like the actors before him, he will soon become our favorite Doctor.