The Wedding of River Song


London, and everything seems to be out of whack. All of history exists at the same time, and that time is always April 22, 2011 at 5:02 pm.

Winston Churchill notices the problem and calls for his soothsayer to help explain why it feels so wrong. The soothsayer is of course the Doctor, and he quickly begins telling the back story of how this alternate reality came into existence.

It starts with the Doctor traveling around the galaxy asking questions about The Silence. Turns out one of the people he questions is actually a Teselecta Justice Machine being manned by the same crew the Doctor has met before in Let's Kill Hitler. The Captain points the Doctor towards the Silence's weakest link.

After defeating that weakest link in a chess dual, he is lead to a tomb where the head ofDorium Maldovar is being held in a box surrounded by thousands of rotting skulls. Seems having the Headless Monks behead you doesn't actually kill you. Dorium is still alive, just without the large body he was used to.

Dorium tells the Doctor about The Silence and their mission to prevent the Doctor from ever finding out about the First Question or especially about ever answering it. It seems their solution is that he has to die. The Doctor is determined not to accept that and grabsDorium and takes him aboard the TARDIS.

The Doctor decides he's going to party like it's 1999, at least until he tries to phone the Brigadier, and learns of his passing. This sad news causes the Doctor to rethink his party plans, and instead prepare for his inevitable death. He begins setting in motion the meeting with his companions at Lake Silencio by sending out the blue invitation envelopes.

It all looks like things are happening as we saw them occur in The Impossible Astronaut. We relive the moment where the Astronaut shoots the Doctor, but this time we see that it is actually River in the suit, and she is trying desperately not to kill the Doctor. This time, instead of the Doctor being killed, however, River succeeds and manages to drain her weapon's energy without killing the Doctor. Unfortunately, this is what causes time to stop and go all crazy. Eventually everything will be destroyed because of it.

Meanwhile, back where we started, the Doctor and Winston find themselves being surrounded and attacked by The Silence. Just as they are about to be overwhelmed, Amy Pond appears with a group of soldiers and rescues them. It is only as Amy is shooting him that the Doctor notices she is wearing an eyepatch like Madame Kovarian's.

Turns out that Amy has merely stunned the Doctor and brought him aboard a train heading toward her pyramid base. Apparently, Amy can remember two versions of what happened at Lake Silencio, and she vaguely remembers Rory Williams, but doesn't recognize him when her Captain enters the room. The eyepatch she and everyone else wears is actually an eyedrive that gives the wearer info on The Silence. Amy and Captain Williams escort the Doctor into the base where they are holding several captured Silence, and where River is holding a tied up Madame Kovarian.

We find out after the Doctor tries to touch River, that if the two of them touch, time will be restarted and the Doctor will die. River pushes the Doctor away.

Meanwhile, The Silence break out of their containers. It seems they have only been waiting for the Doctor to arrive, and now are ready to attack. They begin using the eyedrives that every one wears to send a deadly feedback. They must quickly remove the drives or be sent into agony or die. Unfortunately for Madame Kovarian, she is not exempt from the pain.

Rory offers to stay behind to guard their exit, as the Doctor, River and Amy retreat to the pinnacle of the pyramid. Just as Rory is about to be killed by The Silence, Amy returns and saves him by shooting every last one of them.

At the top of the pyramid, River reveals that she has been sending out a signal to everyone asking for them to please help the Doctor. Millions respond that "Yes, they will help". River can't let the Doctor die without knowing he is loved.

The Doctor is moved to initiate a ceremony that apparently is meant to be a marriage between he and River He leans into River to whisper what he claims is his name. He then kisses his new bride and time is reset back to Lake Silencio where the Doctor dies, Again.

With time apparently back to normal, we find Amy sitting alone in her yard as a past version of River visits. She reveals that the Doctor is really alive. Once again the Doctor lied when he said he was whispering his name, he let her know that he was actually inside aTeselecta made to look like the Time Lord, and that Justice Machine is truly what we saw die and burn at the lake.

Dorium's head is being brought back to his tomb by a mysterious figure that Dorium soon realizes is the Doctor. Dorium tells him that even though he has evidently evaded death, he must eventually face the first question. The question he has been running from his entire life. Doctor Who?