The God Complex


Lucy wanders the corridors of a massive hotel alone. Periodically she stops to open doors along the way, only to find bizarre scenes within. It is when she finds the gorilla behind one of those doors that she knows it is all over for her. There's nothing left to do but "Praise Him".

The TARDIS is mysteriously drawn to this spooky hotel and lands in one of its stairwells. The Doctor immediately realizes the hotel and its 80's decor is all faked and of course he is intrigued. Amy and Rory join the Doctor as they make their way down to the lobby to investigate.

To their surprise, they are soon accosted by a trio of frightened humans, well humanoids. One of them appears to be an alien with a decidedly rodent appearance. They all appear to have no idea where they are or how they got there. The only thing they've been able to determine is that everyone in the hotel has a room meant especially for them, and in that room they will be confronted by their greatest nightmare.

The terrified trio lead the Doctor, Amy and Rory to another occupant of the hotel who has found his room and gone a bit mental because of it. The others have tied him to a chair in the dining hall where he is surrounded by his greatest fear, laughing dummies. Apparently, however, he is no longer bothered by them, because he has decided to worship the force that has brought them all here, a force, according to mental Joe, wants them all to die.

One by one the, the members of the group are lured irresistibly to their rooms. An embarrassing confrontation with co-eds for the young man, an encounter with the Weeping Angels for the Rat man. Only Rory seems to be immune, he keeps seeing a door with an exit sign.

Meanwhile, the force, which turns out to be a great lumbering, minotaur like beast, has come for Joe. The group hears him stomping and growling as he approaches. The Doctor tries to save Joe from the creature, but the hotel corridors change and prevent him from reaching Joe before it is too late. He finds him already dead.

Before they can recover from this death, the young man, Howie, begins worshiping. "Praise him," he begins repeating. This time, however, the Doctor plans to use him to lure the beast into a trap. Using misdirection with the intercom system, the Doctor manages to get the creature where he wants him, but before he can make much progress talking to him, the Rat man has let Howie loose, thinking if he sets the boy free the creature will leave him alone. Unfortunately, it just meant the creature was able to find Howie and kill him.

The Doctor did manage to learn a few things from the creature before he escaped the trap. He finds out that the hotel is actually a prison, and the beast is its warden. He apparently doesn't want to continue killing people, but his instincts force him to continue. He really just wants it to end. The Doctor believes that the beast feeds on the fears of his inmates. The Doctor tells them all to dig deep and focus on what they believe in to keep the fears away.

It doesn't seem to work for Rita, the medical student, as she is next to begin praising the beast. She goes off by herself to wait for the approach of the beast. She dies without much fuss, and the Doctor begins to rethink his belief that the creature feeds on fear. Now he believes the creature feeds on faith, and he himself has been encouraging the others to believe in something. He realizes this just in time as Amy begins to worship.

Retreating to Amy's room, the remaining group find a young Amelia waiting for the Doctor's return. The Doctor realizes he must sacrifice, to make Amy give up her undying belief in her raggedy Doctor. He is not a hero, and she doesn't need to keep waiting for him to come to the rescue. Slowly, Amy lets her hero worship go. The beast is visibly shaken and retreats. Cut off from his food supply, he can finally let go and die. With nothing more to hold them there, the survivors are free to go.

The Doctor returns Amy and Rory to earth where he leaves them to get on with their lives. He has decided he needs to leave them now before one or both of them end up dead. The Doctor flies the TARDIS, alone once again.