The Girl Who Waited


The Doctor brings Rory and Amy to a planet that, once again, isn't quite what he expected. Instead of finding a lush forest outside the TARDIS doors, they find a strange white room with a single door in it. The door has two buttons next to it, a red and a green one. Rory presses the green button and he and the Doctor, who have left the TARDIS ahead of Amy, enter the adjoining room. The door promptly slides shut behind them. In the center of the room is a table with a huge magnifying glass standing on it.

A few seconds behind the Doctor and Rory, Amy approaches the same door, but she presses the red button. The door opens to a room that appears to be exactly the same as the one the Doctor and Rory are in, but they just don't happen to be in this one. The Doctor and Rory find that they can see Amy through the magnifying glass as if she is in the room with them, yet she is not.

The Doctor soon realizes that the two buttons open the door into two different time streams, and now Amy is living in a different stream that is a bit faster than the one he and Rory are in. It all has something to do with a disease that has run rampant on this planet, and this time stream protocol was their solution to the problem. The disease doesn't appear to affect humans, so Rory and Amy appear to be in no danger. However, the Doctor is not so lucky. The best thing for them to do is connect back up with Amy and get the heck out of there.

The problem is they now have to somehow track down Amy in a different time stream, and Amy has to deal with helpful robots that only want to treat her for the unregistered bacteria she has brought to the planet with her. However, Amy not being native to the planet, those helpful treatments might just kill her. The Doctor reassures her that he is coming to rescue her, but in the meantime she better not let any of the robots touch her. Amy wanders around to find someplace safe to wait for the Doctor.

Thanks to a few adjustments in the TARDIS, the Doctor is able to lock onto the time stream that Amy is in and materializes there. With the Doctor unable to leave the TARDIS because of the rampant disease, Rory steps out of the TARDIS on his own, thinking he will find Amy and get out. Unfortunately the Amy he finds is a little older than he thought, thrty-six years older to be precise. Apparently what had been mere moments for Rory and the Doctor, had been thirty-six miserable and lonely years in which Amy had survived against the robots, but had also become rather bitter and angry at the Doctor.

The Doctor believes he still has a way to go back and save Amy while she is young, but he will need the older Amy's help to do it. She, unfortunately, doesn't want to help. She realizes that if the Doctor succeeds, those thirty-six years would never have happened and bitter Amy would cease to exist.

Using the two way magnifying glass, Rory connects old Amy up with young Amy, and they are able to have a conversation. They talk about Rory and how much they love him and how much he loves her. Young Amy convinces old Amy to help save her for Rory's sake. Old Amy agrees to help, but only if the Doctor can save her as well, meaning there would be two Amy's alive together at the same time. With no other choice, the Doctor agrees.

With the TARDIS' help, they manage to pull young Amy forward in time to join up with everyone. Unfortunately, the helpful robots arrive and block Rory and the two Amy's exit back to the TARDIS.

Fighting their way through the anesthetic wielding robots, Rory manages to carry an unconscious young Amy through the TARDIS doors. Older Amy has been buying them both time fighting off robots, but now she makes a break for the TARDIS. Seeing her coming, the Doctor promptly slams the TARDIS door in her face. Seems he lied about being able to have two Amy's in the TARDIS. It would be too dangerous.

He leaves the final choice up to Rory, however. Either he can have a young Amy or a bitter old Amy, but he can't have both. Just as he is about to unlock the TARDIS door and let old Amy in, old Amy tells him not to. She at last sacrifices her thirty six years so that young Amy can live on.