Night Terrors


In a large apartment complex, a small boy named George is completely terrified of everything. The noise the elevator makes, shadows on the wall, it doesn't matter, he's afraid of it. His parents don't know how to help him other than to tell him to lock everything he's afraid of in a cupboard. Somehow George's quiet prayer of "Save me from the monsters" makes it all the way to the Doctor in the TARDIS and onto his psychic paper.

Never one to let a child's cry go unanswered, the Doctor quickly sets course for the apartment complex. Unfortunately, he doesn't know which apartment the cry for help came from, so the Doctor, Amy and Rory must search the complex door to door.

As they are searching, other residents of the apartment complex are mysteriously disappearing. Eventually Amy and Rory who have split off from the Doctor, are caught up in whatever is going on and soon vanish themselves.

Oblivious to Amy and Rory's plight, the Doctor stumbles upon George and knows immediately that this is the child he is looking for. George's Father assumes the Doctor was sent by social services to help them and doesn't protest about his presence, at least not until the Doctor tells him that the monsters in George's cupboard are real.

Meanwhile Amy and Rory wake up in a strange house where everything, including pots and pans, appear to be made of wood and plastic. They soon discover they are not alone when they come across some of the other apartment residents. Unfortunately there are also life size dolls pursuing them who turn the residents into dolls right before Amy and Rory's eyes. They can't let the strange creatures touch them or it's over. Unfortunately Amy is not so lucky, Rory watches in horror as Amy transforms into a wooden doll right in front of him.

Back in George's bedroom, the Doctor has discovered that George is not really human at all, but an alien life form giving a couple unable to have children of their own a chance to raise a child. Somewhere along the way, George became more and more fearful and subconsciously gave his fears life in the back of his cupboard. The Doctor opens the cupboard to confront the monster, only to find a dollhouse along with various toys and ordinary junk. But as he turns his back on the cupboard it suddenly begins glowing and pulls the Doctor and George's father into the dollhouse. All along that is where Rory, Amy and the rest of the residents have been. Now George's Father and the Doctor join them just as the walking dolls begin to close in all around.

The Doctor must get George to confront his fears and open the cupboard in order to save everyone. George bravely opens the cupboard, and appears in the dollhouse with the Doctor and the others. Unfortunately, it isn't over because now the doll creatures also target George. It seems George believes his parents were looking to get rid of him. The Doctor convinces George's father, that despite being an alien, George is still his son, and needs to be shown he won't be abandoned. Upon his father giving George a reassuring hug, everyone is transported back to reality safe and sound.

Everything is back to normal, and George and his family go on with their life. The Doctor, Amy and Rory resume their journey.