The Power of Three


Rory and Amy are beginning to contemplate their time with the Doctor. They realize that it has to come to an end sooner or later, just not right now. Amy begins to reminisce about the time the Doctor came and joined them in their day to day earthly life.

It all begins one morning when the world wakes up to discover millions of small black cubes laying about the place. With a mystery that big, can the Doctor be far behind? He begins his investigation from the Ponds home. Is it an invasion of some sort? He doesn't know, and not knowing makes him uncomfortable.

Before his investigation can proceed very far, a group of soldiers burst into the house followed by a woman who introduces herself as Kate Stewart, head of scientific research at U.N.I.T. She quickly recognizes the Doctor and begins filling him in on how they've tested the mysterious cubes. Without much to go on, the Doctor decides the best strategy is to wait it out and see what the cubes do.

Unfortunately, the Doctor is not good at waiting and quickly decides he can't sit idly watching cubes. He decides to take off in the TARDIS, Amy and Rory, however, have decided they can't just go with him, they have normal lives now and are beginning to like their lives too much to just run off.

Months pass and still the cubes are sitting there unchanging. People have become so accustomed to them being everywhere, that they are barely noticed anymore. Unbeknownst to most, however, something odd is beginning to happen, a pair of odd orderlies at the hospital Rory works at are abducting patients and taking them to an unused part of the hospital.

Nine months go by before the Doctor returns to check in on the Ponds. He offers to give them an anniversary trip which takes a little longer than he intended. Seven weeks later he returns the Ponds to the anniversary party they had left only minutes earlier. This time the Doctor decides to stick around. He misses Amy.

His timing couldn't be better, because while he is fitting into Amy and Rory's everyday life, the Cubes have finally decided to make a move, literally. Each one begins displaying a unique function. One punctures Amy's skin for a blood sample, another begins scanning the television. With all the new activity, Rory is called to help at the hospital. His father, Brian joins him to help where he can. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Amy are taken to U.N,I,T, headquarters. As quickly as the cubes activated, forty minutes later, they quickly go silent again.

The Doctor realizes that the cubes stopped their activity because they had gotten what they wanted. He believes they were gathering information to discover the best way to defeat the human population.

Back at the hospital, Rory spots the odd orderlies wheeling his dad away on a gurney into an out of order elevator. He is too late to catch them before the doors close but quickly presses the button to open the doors again. His dad and the orderlies are no where to be found. With a little bit of searching, he finds that one of the elevator walls is a portal of some sort and he bravely goes through it.

At U.N.I.T. headquarters, the cubes have now begun counting down. Upon reaching zero, people all around the world have begun collapsing due to heart failure. The Doctor, having exposed himself to a cube, is now having trouble with one of his hearts not beating. If he didn't have two hearts, he would most likely be as dead as millions around the world. Because the cubes have made their move, however, the Doctor is able to track the wormhole back at Rory's hospital.

Struggling to move with just one heart, Amy uses a defibrillator on him and jump starts his dead heart back into rhythm. Whole once more, the Doctor quickly finds the wormhole portal in the elevator. He and Amy pass through the portal to find themselves in a spaceship orbiting earth. Brian and Rory are both there unconscious on gurneys, Amy wakes them to get to safety back through the portal.

The Doctor, left behind, is confronted by an alien figure claiming to be a member of the Shakri race, a race so ancient, even the Time Lords believed them to be nothing but fairy tales. This Shakri's responsibility is apparently to destroy the human race and prevent their plague of colonization from spreading.

Turns out the alien is just a hologram, and the ship is on auto pilot following its instructions of destruction. The Doctor brilliantly uses the ships control panel to reverse the effect of the cubes and actually jump start the millions of hearts around the world that had been stopped dead. The process causes a power surge that destroys the alien ship, but now before the Doctor is able to get back through the portal.

Everything has been returned to normal, and the Doctor says his goodbyes. This time, however, Amy and Rory decide to go with him.