The Angels Take Manhattan


Private detective Sam Garner is hired by wealthy businessman, Mr. Grayle, to investigate statues that move. His first stop is an apartment building near battery park, "It's where the statues live". Almost as if he is being led, Garner enters the building and finds an apartment with his name on the door. Investigating further, he enters the room and finds duplicate personal items of the items he now carries, only these duplicates are weathered and worn by age. A wheeze comes from a nearby bedroom. Sam finds an old man barely alive, who warns him that "they are coming to send him back in time". The old man insists that Sam is talking to himself, or rather the man that he will become. A bit freaked out, Sam retreats from the apartment only to be confronted by angels. Trying to escape them, he retreats the only way he can and ends up on the roof. Unfortunately an angel in the form of the statue of liberty is there to greet him.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory are relaxing in central park as the Doctor reads aloud from a Melody Malone mystery novel. Rory offers to make a coffee run as the Doctor continues reading. At this point, the story takes an unexpected turn, as it becomes clear the book is recounting events involving Rory and River in the past. On his quest for coffee, Rory has been caught by angels and sent to New York in the 30's where River's exploits have become the inspiration for the Melody Malone mysteries.

The Doctor tries to take the TARDIS back to 1938 to rescue Rory, but there is some sort of time distortion around the time period that won't let him land. Amy tries to read ahead in the book to see what happens, but the Doctor stops her. Knowing what will happen creates fixed points in time. They learn just enough from the book to discover that River and Rory have now been taken at gunpoint to Mr. Grayle.

While Grayle talks to River, he has Rory thrown into a basement with baby angels. River discovers Grayle has been hiding an angel bound to a wall with chains. River manages to get a message through to the Doctor that gives him a signal to lock the TARDIS onto, but in the meantime, Grayle turns off the lights and allows River to have her arm snatched by the angel she has gotten a little too close to. Grayle believes this will force River to tell him everything she knows about angels.

The TARDIS makes a fortuitous entrance as the energy released by its arrival knocks Grayle unconscious. Unfortunately, River is still being held by the angel, and it appears she may need to break her wrist in order to get free. Amy tells River about the Melody Malone book she has yet to write. Surely River has written it to be of some help. It's Amy who realizes that if they can't read ahead, perhaps they can at least read the chapter titles.

From the titles, they learn that Rory is trapped in the basement. As Amy runs off to rescue him, the Doctor looks at the final chapter title, "Amelia's Last Farewell".

However, Rory is no longer in the basement, he has been transported to the apartment building near battery park. The Doctor manages to track him and follows him into the building, only to find him in an apartment where an older version of Rory has just died. The Doctor realizes that the apartment building is like a feeding ground for the angels. They keep their victims trapped in the apartment building and continually send them back in time to feed off the energy. It looks like the only way to save Rory from this death is to intentionally create a paradox by helping him escape from the building.

Chased by angels through the building, Amy and Rory end up on the roof confronted by the statue of liberty. With nowhere to go, Rory realizes that his only option for creating a paradox would be to jump from the building and die twice on the same day. Amy decides the only way she is going to let him fall is if they do it together. The Doctor arrives too late to stop the plunge.

As they had hoped, their amazing sacrifice has created a paradox that has apparently crippled the angels and deposited Rory and Amy along with the Doctor and River back to the cemetery where they started. Everything seems to have worked out fine, until a surviving angel sneaks up behind Rory and zaps him to the past. With out another option, Amy decides she can't live in the present without Rory and decides if she lets the angel zap her, she will at least be able to live out her life with Rory in the past. Unfortunately, this will create a fixed point in time and the Doctor will never be able to come save them. Both Amy and Rory's names appear on a nearby tombstone as Amy gets zapped.

River is off to write her mystery novel, she ponders the idea of getting Amy to write an afterward for it. It turns out, Amy has indeed written an afterward that is meant especially for the Doctor.