Dinosaurs On a Space Ship


The Doctor receives word that an unresponsive spacecraft is hurtling toward earth in the year 2367. Earth defense protocols call for shooting it down with missiles within six hours. That gives the Doctor just enough time to round up a few friends like Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt, a big game hunter John Riddell, and of course the Ponds. The Doctor materializes the TARDIS around Amy and Rory's living room and whisks them along for the adventure. Unfortunately, Rory's father Brian was visiting the couple, and he also gets swept along for the ride.

Rory has to quickly explain a few things to his father, as the group exits the TARDIS onto the mysterious hurtling spaceship. Much to the Doctor's surprise and pleasure, they almost immediately open a door and find themselves confronted by two dinosaurs. Much running ensues as the dinosaurs give pursuit. Fortunately they are able to evade the creatures, but are left with the question of how did dinosaurs get on a spaceship and who put them there.

The Doctor finds a control panel that apparently hasn't been used for quite awhile, and accidentally teleports himself, Brian, and Rory to what appears to be a beach. Appearances are deceiving, however, because beneath the sand is a metal floor that hums. The Doctor discovers another panel and realizes they have been transported to the spaceship's engine room. It just so happens that the engines are powered by hydro energy, hence the ocean and beach. A group of pterodactyls chase the trio off the beach and into a cave where they are immediately confronted by two lumbering robots.

Meanwhile, Amy Nefertiti and Riddell are doing some exploring of their own. After safely passing by a few more dinosaurs, they find another control panel, and Amy decides to give it a shot. She manages to pull up a recording made by a Silurian. Evidently the Silurians built themselves a sort of ark to escape the coming destruction of earth and brought dinosaurs along in order to preserve them. But where are all the Silurians now? Amy can find no evidence of Silurians aboard the ship, but in her attempt to find them, she comes across another spacecraft located somewhere near the center of the ship.

The two lumbering and talkative robots have just escorted the Doctor, Rory and Brian to that spacecraft. They find a man named Solomon who appears to have been mauled badly by Dinosaurs. Under threat of violence from the two robots, Solomon orders the Doctor to fix his damaged legs.

The Doctor fixes Solomon's legs and along the way discovers that Solomon is a pirate who boarded the Silurian ship under false pretenses and quickly realized the profit potential of all the dinosaurs. The Silurians, however, were standing in his way, but only as long as it took for Solomon to jettison them all into space. He had killed every last Silurian on board.

The Doctor takes an opportunity to make a break for it. Riding atop a friendly triceratop, the Doctor, Rory, and Brian escape from Solomon and his two robots. Unfortunately his time has run out, earth has launched their missiles and it is too late to turn the ship away.

The escape is short lived, as Solomon and his robots suddenly teleport in front of the Doctor. The pirate now realizes the spaceship is doomed and he'll have to abandon the dinosaurs, but he has also discovered the presence of Queen Nefetiti aboard the ship. He believes that she is worth a fortune and taking her would make up for the loss of the dinosaurs.

Nefertiti willingly accompanies Solomon as he attempts to escape in his own spacecraft. She does so in order to prevent him from destroying the Doctor and his friends as well as all the dinosaurs aboard. But now the Doctor has a plan.

First he prevents Solomon's craft from leaving by magnetizing it. Then Brian and Rory climb into the pilot chairs to turn the Silurain ship around. Amy and Riddell must fend off a group of Raptors that are attacking. Meanwhile, the Doctor transports aboard Solomon's craft, disables the two robots, deposits a transponder device that mimics that of the Silurian ship, demagnetizes the craft just before he and Nefertiti teleport away. Solomon Pleads as the missiles from earth lock onto his craft instead of the Silurian ship and disintegrate him.

The Doctor deposits the Ponds, Nefertiti and Riddell back home, although it appears Nefertiti has chosen to join Riddell rather than go back to Egypt.