Asylum of the Daleks


The Doctor is lured to the planet Skaro by a message from a mysterious red haired woman. Burnt out remnants are all that remain of the birthplace of the Daleks. The Doctor soon realizes that the whole set up is a trap, but unfortunately, he figures it out too late. A Dalek eye stalk appears from the woman's forehead, and she zaps him with the blaster that appears from her hand. The Doctor is acquired.

Back on earth, Amy is on a photo shoot for a modeling gig. Rory has arrived to get her to sign divorce papers. Apparently things haven't been going well in their marriage. As the papers are signed and Rory leaves, an eye stalk appears on Amy's assistant's forehead, and Amy is also zapped. Rory hops on a bus and gets the same treatment from the bus driver. Amy and Rory acquired.

They both awaken in a plain white room with a single window looking out into space. The Doctor is escorted in, and the three of them find themselves confronted by the Parliament of the Daleks. But it isn't the expected painful death that awaits the Doctor, it is a plea help. "Save Us" the thousands of Daleks chant.

Cut to a young girl who has barricaded herself in a room that is apparently surround by Daleks trying to get in. She has apparently been living in this situation for nearly a year. She distracts herself by making Soufles and listening to opera.

The Dalek leader tells the Doctor of the Dalek Asylum, the dumping ground for all the Daleks that go wrong. Millions of Daleks now populate the prison. The problem for the Daleks is that they keep picking up a signal coming from the prison that shouldn't be there. They are picking up the opera music that the trapped young girl has been broadcasting. The Doctor tracks the signal back to its source and soon communicates with the girl. Her name is Oswin Oswald and she has crashed landed in a space ship and has survived for nearly a year.

The Daleks want the signal stopped, but the prison is surrounded by a force field which must be turned off from the planet itself. Too afraid to go down themselves, they have decided to drop the Doctor on the planet and let him drop the force field. Rory and Amy get thrown in to make things interesting. They are all given wrist devices that are meant to protect them from a nano cloud and then unceremoniously ejected onto the planet.

On the planet surface, the three each find their way into the starship that has crashed landed there. The Doctor and Amy come across what appear to be the long dead crew, although they don't appear to be completely dead. The dead bodies suddenly grow eye stalks from their heads and begin threatening the Doctor and his companion. The Doctor now realizes the nano cloud mentioned by the Daleks is slowly transforming any flesh, living or dead, into Daleks. Only the wrist devices are protecting the trio from being converted themselves. Unfortunately for Amy, she loses her wrist band in the struggle to escape the transformed crew, and she is now in danger of transforming.

Oswin, who appears to be some sort of genius, has been ablle to reestablish communication with the Doctor and his companions and attempts to aid them in escaping their pursuers. She is still suck in her barricaded room, and is beginning to hope that she may be rescued. From her vantage point, she is able to direct them through hundreds of malfunctioning Daleks to the relative safety of a teleporter room.

The Doctor believes he can teleport them all back to the Dalek ship, but Oswin must drop the shield in order to do it. The problem is, he is pretty sure the Daleks will destroy the planet as soon as the shield is dropped. Not trusting that the Doctor won't leave without her, Oswin demands the Doctor come rescue her from her barricaded room before she will drop the shield.

Not having much choice, the Doctor has to make his way through another group of Daleks. He must get through just one more door, but he is surrounded by the vengeful killing machines, and can't get the door to open. Fortunately, Oswin is able to hack the Dalek programming, and causes them to forget the Doctor and their hatred of him.

The Doctor bursts through the final door expecting to find the young girl he has been communicating with. Instead he finds a solitary Dalek wrapped in chains. He dejectedly breaks the news to Oswin that this entire time she has been living inside a constructed reality created by her own mind in order to shield her from the fact that she is no longer human. She has been completely converted into a Dalek.

Somehow a shred of her humanity remains and she uses it to shut off the force field knowing full well that the Daleks will destroy the planet with her on it. She has given the Doctor the opening he needs, and he races back to Rory and Amy in the teleport room. The trio teleport just as the planet explodes under fire.

The Doctor is able to direct the teleport to land them directly into the TARDIS on the Dalek ship. However, he can't let things go without a little taunting. Much to his surprise, he finds that Oswin not only erased the memory of the Daleks on the planet, but also the memory of Daleks everywhere. They no longer remember the many battles they have fought with the Doctor, and they no longer recognize him at all. An amused Doctor gleefully drops Rory and Amy back home, and continues on his way in the TARDIS.