The Awakening


The TARDIS has brought the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough to the picture postcard English village of Little Hodcome. Tegan has come to visit her grandfather - well known local historian Andrew Verny. The residents of Little Hodcombe, led by the obsessive Sir George Hutchinson, are playing a vicious war game - an exact recreation of a battle of the English Civil War fought there in 1643. The only resident who refuses to participate in the re-enactment is Jane Hampden, who believes the other residents have all gone quite mad.

The Doctor and his companions are quickly confronted by a few oddly overzealous villagers and taken into custody to await Sir George's judgement. While waiting for Sir George, Tegan learns that her Grandfather appears to be missing. Before anyone can stop her, Tegan races out to try to find him and Turlough chases after her. After a brief meeting with Sir George, the Doctor also manages to escape custody and race outside.

As Tegan pauses for a breather in her search, someone snatches her purse from her hands and disappears into a nearby barn. Tegan pursues the thief into the barn, but is quickly stuck as the barn door locks behind her. Suddenly a vision of an old man appears in the air before her. The pixilated image vanishes as Turlough finds Tegan in the barn.

Meanwhile, the Doctor literally runs into Tegan's purse snatcher in the middle of the street and is knocked to the ground. After picking himself up, he pursues the thief back to the church. Inside the church, the Doctor is beset by some sort of psychic attack that is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a young man who bursts through a nearby wall.

The boy, Will Chandler, tells the Doctor he is from the year 1643. Somehow a connection has been formed between the events of the civil war in 1643 and the re-enactment in 1984. A great deal of psychic energy is present, and the Doctor believes this is what he and his companions have been experiencing, psychic projections.

Tegan and Turlough reunite with the Doctor at the church just long enough to catch them all up before they separate again. This time Tegan and Turlough return to the TARDIS as the Doctor takes will with him as he investigates the church's surroundings.

While searching inside a crypt, Will tells the Doctor of the appearance of the creature known as the Malus in the midst of the civil war of 1643. Malus' influence seemed to increase the level of violence and cruelty of the conflict, energy that the Malus could feed off of and grow stronger. Somewhere along the line, the Malus became dormant, becoming a sort of legend in the village, only to now reappear during the re-enactment. While talking to Will, the Doctor has also discovered a hidden passageway in the crypt which leads to Sir George's basement.

Meanwhile, Tegan and Turlough, having discovered another psychic projection of the Malus inside the TARDIS, having exited the TARDIS to try and let the Doctor know the TARDIS has been compromised. Unfortunately, they are both quickly captured by Sir George's nutty minions. It seems Tegan will now play an important role in the re-enactment. She will be the Queen of the May. She is taken away to be properly attired. On the other hand, Turlough is thrown into a locked shed where he finds Tegan's missing grandfather also being held.

In Sir George's basement, the Doctor and Will come across Jane Hampden who is trying to escape Sir George's clutches in order to alert the police to the lunacy going on in the village. While hiding together, Jane discovers an odd piece of metal which the Doctor believes is not from earth. Putting two and two together, the Doctor realizes that the Malus is actually an alien being whose spaceship has landed on earth, who is using his psychic abilities to control and influence the villagers. As the Doctor, Will and Jane return to the church, the Doctor realizes the Malus must still be some where inside the church. As if on cue, the Malus' face begins bursting through a wall within the church.

 Sir George is quickly becoming more manic under the Malus' influence. His and the Malus' evil intentions are finally revealed as he informs his second in command, Colonel Wolsey, that he plans to re-enact the battle for real and cause as much death and destruction as possible. The culmination of the event would be the burning of the Queen of the May at the maypole. Seeing the madness of Sir George, the Colonel helps Tegan escape her intended fate and the two head to the church to rejoin with the Doctor. Meanwhile, Turlough and Andrew have managed to escape from the shed and also meet up with the Doctor and company at the church.

With a growing group, the Doctor now returns to the TARDIS. Unfortunately, the Malus' psychic projection has continued to grow within the craft. The Doctor makes some quick adjustments inside the TARDIS and is able to cut the Malus off from the psychic energy he is feeding on. This also appears to have freed many of the villagers from the Malus' influence. Sir George is not one of the fortunate. He is still gripped by madness. As the Doctor's group returns to the church chamber, Sir George makes a last ditch effort to destroy the group by shooting them. Steam begins pouring from the Malus' face as it appears to being emerging further from the wall. Will suddenly lunges forward, knocking Sir George back into the face of Malus where he is destroyed by the psychic energy being released by the creature.

With his last connection to the village being broken, the Malus makes one last desperate move to destroy himself and take as many with him as possible. Fortunately, the Doctor is able to rush everyone to the TARDIS and dematerialize before the church implodes. The Doctor returns everyone safely to the village where Tegan can now have her visit with her grandfather.