Silver Nemesis


It is the 23rd November 1988 and the Doctor receives a helpful reminder that the world is about to end, something that he has apparently forgotten until his stopwatch sounds an alarm. Could it have something to do with the two gunmen who narrowly miss killing the Doctor and Ace?

The date appears to be an important one, for Lady Peinforte and her loyal servant Richard have traveled from the year 1638 for this exact moment. Their arrival coincides with the reappearance of the Nemesis comet and also with the fruition of Herr de Flores' plans to establish the Fourth Reich. A silver bow and arrow seem to play an important part of whatever plan these disparate parties have.

The Doctor and Ace travel back to 1638 to investigate where everything began. It was during that time that Lady Peinforte discovered a meteorite made of the living metal Validium and fashioned the metal into a statue of herself holding a bow and arrow. Using her skills with black magic and the validium arrow, the Lady has managed to transport herself forward in time to 1988.

Meanwhile back in 1988, Herr de Flores' has discovered where the Nemesis comet has returned to earth, the Validium statue buried within. He has only to recombine the bow which he possesses, the arrow and the statue together and he will have complete power over life and death. Unfortunately, the Lady has the arrow, and she has also discovered the arrival of the meteorite.

The Doctor and Ace also arrive on the scene just in time to witness the arrival of a fourth entrant to the party, the Cybermen. It seems they also have an interest in the Validium. With the power of life and death at stake, who can blame them.

Herr de Flores' and his men engage the Cybermen in battle. Lady Peinforte joins in from the sidelines, shooting her gold tipped arrows at the Cybermen. The Doctor and Ace use the distraction to grab the silver bow and escape in the TARDIS. Realizing continued battle is futile, the combatants eventually retreat to re-evaluate their plans.

The Cybermen decide to form an alliance with Herr de Flores' and his men against Lady Peinforte who has managed to gain control of both the statue and the arrow. The Cybermen find themselves vulnerable to Lady's gold tipped arrows and think to use the heavily armed Nazi's against her. Of course, they plan on betraying their allies as soon as the Lady is defeated.

After Herr de Flores' chases Lady Peinforte off with his superior firepower, he believes he finally has all three pieces in place, but it is only then that he realizes the Doctor has made off with the bow. The Cybermen predictably renege on their deal with the humans as soon as they assume control of the crypt where the statue and arrow now lie.

In a bold move, the Doctor decides to return with the bow to the crypt. Stunned by his audacity, the Cybermen are unable to stop him as he slips in and touches the bow to the statue. This brief contact stirs the statue to life and it begins to glow and rise. The Doctor slips back out with the bow and returns to the TARDIS. He believes the statue will now follow the bow wherever it goes.

The Doctor returns the bow to the remnants of the meteor rock that originally surrounded the Nemesis statue. Nemesis is not far behind the Doctor, and it too returns to the meteor. The three objects are now combined again, but it isn't over yet. Lady Peinforte hasn't given up yet and neither have the Cybermen or the Nazi's. They all now converge again at the hanger where the Doctor has returned Nemesis to it's meteorite ship.

The three competing groups kill each other off until only Lady Peinforte and the Cyberleader remain. Lady Peinforte threatens to reveal all the Doctors secrets if he doesn't hand Nemesis over to her. Instead, the Doctor appears to give control to the Cyberleader. In desperation, Lady Peinforte throws herself onto the statue and is absorbed into it. The Cyberleader gives the order to launch the statue into space to be met by the Cyber fleet waiting there. Unfortunately for the Cybermen, the Doctor had ordered the statue to destroy the Cyber fleet. It seems it was the Doctor's plan all along to take care of all three threats to earth by luring them to their doom with the power of Nemesis.

With the danger now passed, the Doctor and Ace return to the TARDIS, but one question still remains. Who is the Doctor?