Revenge of the Cybermen


Arriving on the Nerva Beacon, hoping to find the TARDIS waiting for them, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry find the space station in the grip of a deadly plague that has wiped out most of its crew. Only three crew members remain alive to continue the function of the beacon, and one of them has just been struck down by a cybermat bite.

The beacon has been set up to warn space traffic of a new satellite orbiting Jupiter. The satellite is Voga, Planet of Gold, home to the seemingly harmless Vogans. The Vogans, however, appear to have a plan of their own and are also involved with the Cybermen.

The Doctor soon realizes that the 'plague' is no natural illness – and he convinces the remaining crew to let him investigate the illness that has caused so many deaths. It isn't long before he guesses that his old foe the Cybermen are somehow involved. It also seems that the station scientist Kellman is in league with the metal creatures. He has been sabotaging the station trying to isolate it and its crew.

While the Doctor is snooping around, Sarah is attacked and bitten by a cybermat. The Doctor quickly sends Sarah down to the satellite Voga by transmat. His hope is that the transmat will be able to eliminate the poison from her system. Harry goes with her to make sure she is fine. They barely have time to register their gold surroundings before they are captured by Vogans.

There is a bit of a power struggle occurring on Voga. Some believe that keeping themselves and their gold planet hidden is the best course, while others believe a more offensive stance is necessary. Admist the struggle, Harry and Sarah attempt to escape their captivity and find themselves saved by the more peaceful faction of Vogans.

Meanwhile, the Doctor watches from Nerva Beacon as a cybership docks and deposits a group of Cybermen. He and the remaining crew members appear to be no match for the Cybermen and quickly fall to their weapons. The Cybermen keep them alive in order to use them as human bombs. They plan to send them down to Voga in order to utterly destroy the satellite. Without a supply of gold, their one weakness, from Voga, the Cybermen believe they can mount a second invasion of the universe and this time be successful.

With bombs strapped to their backs, the Doctor and two crew members transport to Voga. They are immediately attacked by a group of Vogans. While their Cyber guards are destroying the Vogans, the Doctor and crew slip away. They procede with the bombs toward the center of the satellite. More Vogans try to stop the Cyberman advance, but their weapons are ineffective. They keep lining up to die anyway.

Thinking she needs to get back and warn the Doctor about a Vogan faction's plan to fire a rocket at the beacon, Sarah uses the transmat to return to Nerva Beacon. She overhears the Cyberleader discussing that the bombs are set to go off earlier than they had indicated.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is nearly to the center of the satellite when he is caught in a rock fall. Harry, who was nearby, finds the Doctor and attempts to remove the bomb strapped to his back, not knowing that doing so will set off an explosion. The two remaining crewmembers warn him in time and both groups catch up on what has been happening. The Doctor makes plans to attack the two Cybermen on Voga with gold in their chests. His plan doesn't work, but one of the crew members sacrifices himself by setting off his bomb and destroying the Cybermen. The Doctor is then able to disable the remaining bombs.

The Vogans now believe they have a chance to fire their rocket at the beacon, but the Doctor convinces them to wait and give him a chance to transmat back to Nerva and stop the remaining Cybermen from there. The Doctor joins back up with Sarah as the Cybermen try one last ditch effort to deliver their bombs to Voga by crashing Nerva Beacon into the satellite. They leave the Doctor and Sarah behind to die as they escape back into their ship.

Seeing the beacon approaching, the Vogans fire their rocket, but the Doctor instructs them to aim it at the Cybership. The deadly Cybermen are obliterated, but the beacon is still fast approaching Voga. The Doctor is able to narrowly steer the beacon away from Voga. Just as the TARDIS materializes, Harry arrives by transmat, and the trio quickly depart.