The Gunfighters


The TARDIS arrives in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881. Realizing they are in the old west, Steven and Dodo decide to take the opportunity to dress up in garish western clothing. By what seems a coincidence, the trio come across Wyatt Earp who warns them that the Clantons are in town and they should be careful. The Doctor happens to be suffering from a toothache, and is in need of a dentist. Earp directs him to the only dentist in town - the notorious Doc Holliday.

As the Doctor enters the dentist's office, Steven and Dodo decide to explore the town and soon end up at the Last Chance Saloon. Because of their fancy clothes, the pair have assumed the identities of traveling entertainers.

The Clantons are also spending some time in the saloon and they overhear Steven and Dodo talking to the Barman about waiting for their other companion, the Doctor, to arrive. Since they have been looking to kill Doc Holliday, the Clantons assume the pair are waiting for the notorious gunslinger.

Seems they're all waiting for the same person. While they wait, the Clantons figure they might as well get some entertainment, so at the point of a gun, Steven and Dodo are forced to perform a song.

Meanwhile, the Doctor has been getting his tooth pulled by Doc Holliday without the pleasure of novocaine. After the unpleasant tooth is pulled, the scoundrel Doc Holliday realizes the Clantons are waiting for him at the saloon and also that they have mistaken the Doctor for him. Seeing an opportunity, Doc gives the Doctor his gun and sends him on his way to the saloon.

Unsuspecting, the Doctor walks right into the midst of the Clantons and is quickly surrounded. Before he can be shot, the Doctor tries his best to clear up the misunderstanding about his identity. They find his protestations hard to believe because he is carrying Doc's pistol. As the Doctor draws the gun out of its holster, a shot rings out and one of the Clantons goes down. Just then, Wyatt Earp walks into the saloon and quickly decides to arrest the Doctor. It is pretty clear to the Marshall that his friend Doc Holliday has been using the Doctor as a patsy, and in order to protect his friend he has decided to let the Clantons continue making their mistake.

While Earp keeps the Doctor in his prison, the Clantons have decided to use Steven as leverage. They bring him to the Marshall's office and threaten to string him up unless Doc Holliday is released to them. Thanks to Wyatt Earps quick action, Steven is saved and one of the Clantons is thrown in jail. However, the Clantons also learn that they have been after the wrong man. In the Confusion, Holliday has escaped out of town, taking Dodo with him.

As if things aren't bad enough, another outlaw, Johnny Ringo arrives in town. It isn't too long before he has killed the Barman. It seems he has a grudge with Doc Holliday and will most likely be joining up with the Clantons.

Since the Doctor is no longer being mistaken for Doc Holliday, Earp  and Bat Masterson decide to deputize him and get his help with the troubles in town. While they are investigating the Barman's murder, some of the Clantons show up to get their brother out of prison. Unfortunately, Wyatt's younger brother has been left on guard and is gunned down during the prison break.

With the death of Wyatt's brother, it seems inevitable that a conflict is coming between the Clantons and the Earps. A challenge is made to settle the conflict at the OK Corral. The Clantons think they have the advantage because Johnny Ringo is on their side, but what they don't realize is that Doc Holliday has decided to return Dodo to town and has now joined the Earps in their fateful shootout. It doesn't take long for the Earps and Holliday to finish off the clantons.

Unable to stop the violence, the Doctor, Steven and Dodo do their best to stay out of the conflict. In the aftermath, they say their goodbyes to the survivors and promptly leave in the TARDIS and continue on to their next adventure.