The Ark


A strange one eyed alien walks through a jungle as the TARDIS materializes nearby. Dodo and Steven emerge. Dodo is convinced they are on earth. Steven isn't so sure. The Doctor emerges and soon realizes that they aren't on earth, but must be on some sort of space vehicle

Meanwhile, somewhere else aboard the same vehicle, a trial of sorts is going on. Humans and the one eyed aliens known as Monoids are in attendance as one poor human is found guilty and punished by being shrunk down and stored in a cabinet.

The trial is interrupted by an alarm. The Doctor's appearance has been discovered, and it isn't long before he and his two companions are surrounded and taken off to face the human leader.

Steven learns from the humans that they are on a journey to find a new livable planet after earth has become uninhabitable. The monoids had come to earth in a similar situation with their own planet. The two races joined forces, collected everything of cultural importance and launched a ship to find a new home. Most of the population was shrunk down and stored in cabinets in order to survive the long journey. Only a minimal crew was left to make sure the ship reached its destination.

Before we can learn more, a few monoids and humans are struck by a mysterious ailment. It seems Dodo has been sneezing and spreading cold germs in a population that no longer has a resistance to them. The Doctor and his companions are quickly thrown in a holding cell and it looks like the humans and monoids are out for their  blood.

As the human leader is struck down sick, his reactionary second in command decides the Doctor has intentionally brought this disease aboard their ship, and he must punish the TARDIS crew before all the humans and monoids are dead. A trial is quickly arranged, and a guilty verdict is just as quickly decide upon. The only problem is Steven has now also been struck by the virus and become deathly ill.

The human leader revives long enough to countermand his second's verdict in order to let the Doctor find a cure for the virus. Fortunately the Doctor is able to concoct a cure and quickly heals Steven and the others. The humans apologize to the Doctor and take him and his companions back to the TARDIS.

The TARDIS takes off only to reappear in the same spot moments later. In actuality, hundreds of years have passed aboard the ship. Somewhere along the line, the roles of the humans and monoids have been reversed, and the humans are now servants to the monoids.

It doesn't take long before the Doctor and his companions are captured by the monoids and taken to their leader. After a quick update on how the monoids rose up against the human guardians, the trio are sent to the security kitchen where other human servants are laboring. The lowly humans are inspired by these legendary figures from their distant past, but their small attempt to fight their jailers fails.

Meanwhile the Ark they travel in has arrived at the planet Refusis. The monoids plan to make landing on the planet and create their own empire. They don't really want the human guardians around, so they plan on leaving them behind on the ark where a bomb will blow them up. The only problem is they are wary of the reception they might get from the planet and its occupants. With that in mind, they plan on using some expendable humans and a single monoid as a scouting party. The Doctor and Dodo are forced on the mission as Steven is held hostage on the ark.

The transport ship arrives on the seemingly empty planet. The Doctor notices a city in the distance, but when they arrive there, they still find no native refusians. The entire planet appears to be empty, that is until the monoid begins trashing floral vases. Only then does a diembodied voice make contact and stop the monoid's needless destruction.

The Doctor talks with this invisible refusian, and confirms what the doctor believed that the inhabitants of the planet no longer need physical residences as they now exist in an incorporeal state.The refusioans have been aware of the Ark's imminent arrival and had prepared the city for their needs. They believed the new arrivals would bring much needed life to the planet, but the monoids belligerent attitude has given them pause. Before the monoid can transmit what he has found on the planet back to his cohorts on the ark, the refusians blow him up along with his transport vessel, leaving the Doctor and Dodo stranded.

The monoids on the ark decide to proceed with their main landing despite their scout being cut off mid transmission. As the monoids board their transports to leave the ark, Steven and the remaining humans try to get rid of the bomb that the monoids have planted. The only problem is they have no idea where it is. It's up to the Doctor to get the location.

Meanwhile the monoids who have landed on Refusis are having a little trouble of their own. Seems there's a bit of infighting going on that erupts into full on battle. During the confusion, the Doctor is able to get to a transport and contact Steven. He then sends a refusian up in a transport to help evacuate the humans just in case he can't get the location of the bomb in time. As the transport returns again to refusis loaded with humans, the Doctor has discovered that the bomb is located in a huge monoid statue aboard the ark. Eventually the monoids have nearly killed each other off.

Even after Steven has the location of the bomb, he still has a problem. The statue is too large and heavy for him to move.An incorporeal Refusian decides to help and quite easily moves the statue into a launch bay where it is launched and explodes in space.

With most of the fighting and danger over, the refusians agree to let all the new arrivals move to the planet, as long as the humans and monoids make peace.

Since everything looks like it is under control, The Doctor, Steven, and Dodo return to theTARDIS and take off. Before the trio can relax, however the Doctor mysteriously disappears right before Steven and Dodo's eyes.