The New World


Serial killer, Oswald Danes is being very publicly executed, only it doesn't go as expected. He very violently reacts to the poison in his system, but he doesn't quite die.

Esther Drummond and other CIA agents are investigating the word Torchwood, only to watch as a virus suddenly erase all reference to the term from their database. At that same moment, agent Rex Mathison, talking to Esther on his cell while driving down a rainy freeway, is brutally skewered by a pipe thrown from a braking truck. Rex is soon taken to a hospital where Esther learns that he isn't the only patient this evening who doesn't die from apparently fatal wounds.

Elsewhere, Gwen Cooper awakens from a nightmare involving Torchwood. Gwen and Rhys have been hiding out with their new baby on the coastline in a remote location in Wales. Suddenly, a knock at their door sends them into defense mode. It appears that it is just tourists asking for directions.

Esther, while waiting for word on Rex's condition, talks with Dr. Vera Juarez and learns that no one has died in the hospital all day. But it isn't just this hospital, the same thing is happening everywhere. The t.v. media is dubbing the event "Miracle Day".

Meanwhile, a very much alive Oswald Danes, cleverly demands his release from prison since his sentence of execution was completed, it wasn't his fault if he didn't actually die.