The Blood Line


An underground bloodline flows from Buenos Aires in South America to Shanghai,where Mother Colisanto shows Jilly that she is planning to blow up her hide-out whilst the Blessing maintains its immortality. In Buenos Aires an explosion kills Rex and Esther's army escort,as they become aware of a CIA mole whom they allow to believe they are dead. They are nonetheless caught and taken to the South American lair of the Mother's cousin,where the other half of the Blessing is kept. Gwen,Oswald and Jack infiltrate the Shanghai hideaway where they learn how the families,using Jack's blood,attached it to a force field to give them immortality but how the aliens misunderstood and recently gave immortality to the Earth in the spirit of benevolence. Sacrifice and redemption on two continents lead to the destruction of Miracle Day with the capture of the mole and the restoration of order. For one of the survivors there is an amazing discovery.