Children of Earth: Day Two


After surviving the explosion in the Hub Gwen is forced to run as more killers come after her. She flees not knowing whether Ianto or Jack have survived. After learning from one of her attackers that he is working for the government, Gwen rushes home to get Rhys and run followed closely by ruthless Captain Johnson.

Meanwhile Ianto has also survived the explosion and escaped from the government goons. After briefly getting in touch with Gwen they both decide to go to ground.

What's left of Jack is gathered up from the explosion site and taken to a secret government location. Although he is just bits and pieces, jack isn't quite dead yet and appears to be pulling himself back together. It is apparently a painful process for Jack to pull himself together.

Dekker gives Frobisher cryptic written plans for a mysterious edifice the aliens - the 456 - want built though not even the P.M. knows what it is. Frobisher's new temp, Lois, has found some information about Jack and Torchwood expresses her curiosity. Frobisher informs her that Jack was the one who caused the explosion. Lois doesn't seem quite convinced, and is becoming suspicious of her new boss.

On the run, Gwen and Rhys decide they need to get to London to confront the people Gwen believes ordered Torchwood's execution. To get there, they hop a ride in the back of a potato truck. Along the way, Gwen informs Rhys that she is pregnant.

Ianto turns to his sister for help. She meets him in a park just as the children playing there once again stop and begin chanting, "We are coming tomorrow." Ianto realizes that this odd behavior from the kids must have something to do with why they were targeted for death.

Lois happens to answer the phone when Gwen attempts to call Frobisher's office. Gwen tries to set up a meeting with Frobisher, but Lois shows up instead and lets Gwen know that Frobisher was the one who sent the order for her death. Lois also lets Gwen know that something is being built at the top of the MI-5 building.

Separately, both Gwen and Ianto have discovered the secret location where Jack is being held. Captain Johnson has ordered Jack's holding cell to be filled with cement. He has just completely recovered and she wants him secure. Gwen and Rhys manage to get into the compound, but they are discovered and caught. Fortunately, Ianto has also been busy, and he has commandeered a fork lift to bust through the compound wall and grab the block of cement with Jack inside. Gwen and Rhys use the distraction to join him outside the wall as they free a naked Jack from his cement tomb.

Meanwhile, a strange glass walled room filled with gas has been completed at the top of the MI-5 building. Frobisher and his cronies believe the 456 will somehow be sending a delegation into the room tomorrow.