Children of Earth: Day Three


Back together again, the Torchwood team hides out in an abandoned holding facility. They must steal in order to get the equipment they need to begin to fight back.

Worried about what has happened to Jack, his daughter Alice attempts to contact him by phone. Captain Johnson who has been monitoring that line, traces the call and wants to know who this woman is and what she knows about Jack's location. Frobisher gives Johnson the order to bring her in when they learn of her relationship to Jack.

Gwen meets with Lois and convinces her to wear camera contact lenses so she can get into the MI-5 building and give Torchwood a look at what has been built there.

The team also discovers that Clement McDonald has been picked up by the police. Ianto learns of Clem's back story with the children on the bus and relates it to Jack. When Jack hears the story, he begins putting two and two together and realizes everything is related to events from his own past in 1965. Gwen is sent to get Clem out of jail.

As the children stop again and chant "We are Here", a beam of light comes from the heaven and lands directly into the glass room in the MI-5 building. The 456 have arrived and Frobisher is there to greet them. The mysterious aliens agree to a meeting with the world's leaders, but Frobisher asks them not to mention that the 456 have been in contact with Great Britain before in 1965.

The wise and cowardly leaders decide to leave the negotiations with the aliens in the hands of the civil servants like Frobisher. Their feeling is that civil servants are expendable if things don't go well.

Lois joins Frobisher's group as he enters the MI-5 building to meet again with the 456. Torchwood, along with Clem, is observing the proceedings through Lois' eyes. The 456 request a gift be given to them. They want to take ten percent of earth's children.

Meanwhile, Clem recognizes Jack when he returns to Torchwood's hideout. He remembers him from the night the 456 visited in 1965, and remembers Jack participating in giving the aliens a bus load of children as a gift.