At 8.40am Every child in the world suddenly stops,before continuing on a few minutes later. No one appears to take much notice of it except a few at the British ministry. When it happens again at 10:30, and the children begin chanting in unison "We are Coming", it is hard for anyone to ignore. What's left of the Torchwood team is on the Case.

They realize that every child around the world is speaking in English, and both incidents occur just at the right time for British children to be out in public. Seems like the message is being directed toward Great Britain. Theories about why the children are being affected are thrown out the window when video of a single old man is found chanting the same phrase.

Jack decides he needs to examine a child up close. While Ianto goes to visit his sister and her kids, Jack pays a visit to a woman who is apparently his daughter. She doesn't buy his offer to spend some time with his grandson. She believes it is too much of a coincidence that he shows up when odd things are happening with kids. She won't let him take her kid to experiment on. Ianto's sister won't let him take her kids either.

Gwen goes to visit the old man, who turns out to be in a mental institute. He has been in there for years since he was a child. Gwen convinces him she can be trusted and he begins telling her his story. He along with a busload of kids were taken out to the middle of nowhere and lead into a bright light. The kids in front of him disappear into the light, but young Clement gets scared and runs away. He has narrowly escaped being taken by an alien race, yet it has left a mark on him. He is oddly connected to that race and can feel them getting closer.

Meanwhile, back at the ministry, a new employee named Lois Habiba is getting suspicious of all the odd goings on around her. She takes a peak at an interoffice email that is apparently giving an assassination order on a list of names. Last on that list is Captain Jack Harkness.

Jack is visiting a hospital, thinking he might be able to use one of the kids in the children's ward. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the hospital he is shot and grabbed by a black ops team. They open him up, put something inside his belly, then leave him on the floor. Jack wakes up and returns to the Hub. Too late he realizes that what has been implanted in his stomach is a bomb. He pushes Gwen and Ianto out the exit and stays behind to explode in the Hub. He believes he will be able to survive the blast, but will he...?