Children of Earth: Day Four


Jack is forced to confess how he helped broker a deal in 1965 when the 456 aliens offered an antidote against a deadly universal flu virus in exchange for twelve children who would 'live forever.' Jack seems to believe it was a good deal to give up 12 children for the antivirus. After Jack Finishes his story, Clem grabs a gun and shoots Jack dead. He of course doesn't stay dead.

Clem and the team watch via Lois's eye cameras as the aliens tell Frobisher they will 'wipe out the human species' if their request is not met. Frobisher asks the 456 what will be done with the children. The 456 respond by telling Frobisher to let his cameraman into the glass room with them and they will show him. Inside the murky room, the camera finds one of the original kids from 1965, still a child, but held by tubes and wires. The 456 insist that they do not harm the children, they feel no pain.

Frobisher rejects Jack's offer of help in return for Alice and her son's release. Jack threatens to tell the world what's really going on.

A cabinet meeting is held to determine how they can meet the 456's demands. The cabinet decides their own kids will be spared, but handing over a few lower-class kids would be fine. Unfortunately that doesn't include Frobisher and his kids.

Lois has fed all of this information to Torchwood and they are determined to act. Ianto phones his sister and tells her not to let anyone take her kids away.

While the cabinet makes their plans for cover stories, Lois speaks up and tells them that Torchwood has recorded every word they've said. Unless they do everything Torchwood says, the recording will be released. As jack and Ianto arrive at the ministry, it appears they have the upper hand.

Using this leverage, Jack gets in to speak directly with the 456 where he informs them the human race will not be giving up any of it's children. The 456 respond by releasing a virus in the building. Unfortunately, Ianto is one of those left in the building and he has been infected. Jack watches futilely as Ianto dies in his arms.

With this demonstration of cost of a war with the aliens, the ministry decide to proceed with plans to give away 10% of their children. It seems to be their only option...