Children of Earth: Day Five


The government tries to convince the people to send their kids back to school. They use the lie that the kids will be given a shot to innoculate them from the conditon that has been plaguing them. Those in the know, like Ianto's sister, know this is a lie and refuse to comply.

Colonel Oduya, from U.N.I.T. takes over negotiations with the 456 from Frobisher. He learns that the 456 need the kids because of the chemicals they secrete. It appears the 456 are peddling drugs, and the kids are just a commodity.

Jack and Gwen admit defeat to Frobisher and call off their plans to release their video. Frobisher agrees to release Gwen so she can let Ianto's family know he is dead.

Frobisher learns from the Prime Minister he has been chosen by his superiors to sacrifice his children in order to make their lie look convincing. Despite his protestations, the P.M. does not relent. Frobisher requisitions a gun and leaves his office and returns home where he shoots his wife and kids and himself.

Gwen goes to Ianto's sisters place to inform her of Ianto's death, but finds a house full of kids. Ianto's sister has taken it upon herself to try and protect as many of the neighborhood kids as she can. Meanwhile the troops have begun rounding up children and piling them in trucks. Gwen helps Ianto's sister and the kids she has gathered escape and find a place to hide.

Alice convinces Capt. Johnson to enlist Jack's help in finding a solution to the mess the world is in. Johnson frees Jack and brings him to Torchwood's hideout. Jack learns that Clem was killed by the 456 and believes that somehow Clem must have been a threat to them. He discovers a frequency being transmitted that could be bounced back at the 456. The only problem is it needs a child to transmit the signal and that child would be burned out. The only child that happens to be available is Jack's grandson Steven.

Jack very coldly ignores his daughters screams as he hooks his own grandson into the machine knowing full well that he is signing his death warrant. Steven connects with every child on earth and together they emit the signal back at the 456 that ultimately destroys them or drives them off. Alice runs to Steven's lifeless body as Jack watches blankly. Alice will never forgive him for this and he knows it.

Six months later a very pregnant Gwen and her husband Rhys meet Jack on a lonely hillside. Gwen has brought him his matter transmitter. He blames himself for all the deaths in Torchwood and his family, and he has decided to leave Earth to try and escape his pain. He leaves Gwen believing she will never see him again.