The Nightmare Man


Luke is all set to go to Oxford University a year earlier than usual but,in the days before he is due to leave,he experiences dreams for the first time in his life. They are in fact recurring nightmares in which he is rejected by Sarah Jane, Rani and Clyde,who replace him with another boy Josh.

Also in the dreams, Luke discovers he is being pursued by the Nightmare Man,who threatens to materialize in the real world. No matter how hard he tries, Luke is unable to tell anyone else about this visitor in his mind. The Nightmare Man appears to have control of what Luke is able to say or do.

With each dream Luke has, the Nightmare Man gets stronger. If Luke has one more dream, the Nightmare Man will be strong enough to enter the real world.

Desperate to keep from falling asleep, Luke describes his dreams on a Cam-Corder but finally cannot stay awake any longer. As Luke falls asleep and seemingly ends up in limbo,the Nightmare Man steps into the attic.

Once materialized the Nightmare Man turns a sleeping Rani and Clyde's dreams into nightmares. He feeds on their nightmares until he is interrupted by Sarah Jane. He then leaves the house, sending everyone in the street to sleep and continues his feeding.

Meanwhile, Sarah Jane has found Luke's camera recording and sees an image of the Nightmare Man appearing. She plugs K-9 into Mr. Smith, and is able to put K-9 into Luke's dream. K-9 is able to deliver Sarah Jane's message, telling him he is only dreaming and needs to wake up.

In the dream, K-9 tells Luke that Clyde and Rani are also asleep and can't be roused. Luke is able to communicate with Rani and Clyde in their sleep so that their combined strengths banish the nightmares and put them all in the same dream. The Nightmare Man confronts them and tries to force Rani and Clyde back into their nightmares. Luke finally gathers his courage and defies the Nightmare Man clasping hands with Rani and Clyde and together their combined power forces The Nightmare Man into Clyde's nightmare, where he is trapped forever. Every one now awaken from their sleep and things return to normal.

Next day Luke is set to leave for Oxford. Sarah Jane tells K-9 that he should accompany Luke and watch over her son. The two of them ride off to continue their own adventures.