Death of the Doctor


Sarah Jane is told by Colonel Tia Karim of UNIT that The Doctor is dead and so she goes with Rani and Clyde to UNIT's underground headquarters in Wales, where a rocket will fire the doctor's remains into space. Jo Jones, formerly Jo Grant, another of the doctor's friends from the past, arrives with her grandson Santiago and, like Sarah Jane, does not believe that The Doctor is dead. The three youngsters overhear the Shansheeth, giant birds who allegedly found The Doctor's body, plotting to lead the two women into a trap. Then The Doctor appears, having exchanged energies with Clyde, who finds himself on another planet as the Shansheeth try to kill the doctor for real.

Before he can die, The Doctor with Jo and Sarah Jane, teleports to the deserted planet. The Doctor swaps places with Clyde, who, with Rani and Santiago, is pursued by the Shansheeths and their ally, Tia Karim, who has helped them as she is bored with life on Earth. The adults return to save them but the two women are caught and held captive in a room containing the TARDIS, the Shansheeth hoping to drain their memories in order to open its door. However, The Doctor, outside the room,communes with them mentally,urging them to recall so many memories it causes overload,destroying the Shansheeths and Karim. The TARDIS then returns everybody to Bannerman Road.