Enemy of the Bane


Mrs. Wormwood returns and forces Sarah Jane to meet her in an old warehouse, having abducted Rani's mother as bait. Mrs. Wormwood says that the Bane are after her blood for her failure on her last mission and needs Sarah Jane's help. The two women survive a Bane attack and go to Sarah Jane's house. Mrs. Wormwood explains that the Bane are anxious to locate a scroll divulging the whereabouts of an ancient immortal, Horath.If he is re-animated they could take over the galaxy and she aims to stop them. Sarah Jane contacts old ally the Brigadier and retrieves the scroll from the UNIT archive but back at her house the Sontaran Kaagh suddenly appears and he too wants the scroll.

Kaagh obtains the scroll after threatening Luke and it becomes apparent that he and Mrs. Wormwood are an alliance working to use the scroll to obtain galactic domination. The pair take Luke to a stone circle at Whitehaven, which contains a portal. If the scroll is inserted it will reactivate Horath. Mrs. Wormwood tries to persuade Luke to do this, promising him the galaxy, with him as her son, but he refuses, claiming that he only has one mother. Kaagh attempts to double-cross and kill Mrs.Wormwood and both are sucked into the portal. Sarah Jane uses her sonic lipstick to destroy the scroll.