Alice Obiefune's life had become a bleak world full of grey hopelessness. It began with the death of her much beloved mother and seemed to drag down every other aspect of her life. She began to feel numb and empty inside and didn't see hope of that changing any time soon. Then suddenly the Doctor was there in front of her. He was chasing a wildly colorful alien creature through the streets. Suddenly Alice's world was full of color again, and when the Doctor asked her to help chase the creature, she gladly accepted his request. Unfortunately, their pursuit led the Doctor straight into a lamp pole, allowing the creature to escape while the Doctor recovered.

With the chase over, the Doctor thanked Alice for the assist and continued on his way. Just like that, it was all over. Alice returned to her ordinary life, but now she had a determination not to be brought down by her grief any more. SHe sets off to get her life back in order.

But the Doctor isn't quite through with Alice yet, as the TARDIS materializing in her apartment would suggest. Seems the Doctor had noticed how sad she was and wanted to check on her. He listens respectfully to her sad story and lets her get it all out. Then to cheer her up, he asks for her help in once again trying to round up the rainbow dog.

The Doctor invites her into the TARDIS expecting her to be impressed, like many other companions, by the  size, but all Alice finds is that it appears to be upside down. Sure enough the TARDIS' gravity stabilizers are on the blink and the console room is now upside down. A quick look at the controls is all it takes for the Doctor to find the fault and restore things to their proper place.

With things relatively back to normal, it gives the Doctor time to explain what the rainbow creature actually is. It's a doglike alien creature that feeds on negative emotions, and since Alice was so sad, it was attracted to her. If it feeds on negative emotions. where would it most likely be heading? Alice thinks she may know.

Sure enough, the rainbow dog has found the House of Commons in London, and it is growing larger feeding off all of the negative emotion surrounding the politicians in the hall. The Doctor and Alice arrive just in time to interrupt the dog as it terrorizes the country's leaders. Seems Alice is still a much more attractive target, and the Doctor asks her to lead the beast away from others while he heads off on his own mission.

Alice is able to stay in front of the dog long enough to get it out of the building, but unfortunately she ends up coming face to face with a U.N.I.T. squad ready to blast the creature into bits. Alice will have none of that. The dog may seem dangerous, but it is not intentionally trying to hurt any one. She wasn't allow them to indiscriminately kill it.

The Doctor arrives just in time in the TARDIS to back her up. He's brought a passenger along with him, however, a great squid like alien creature. Before U.N.I.T. can go blasting everyone, the squid approaches the dog, and it is evident there is some sort of a relationship there. Seems the squid creature is actually a child who has lost his pet dog and is overjoyed to be reunited with him. The rainbow dog wants nothing more than to take away the negative emotions and sadness of his best friend.

The Doctor was able to track the dogs owner thanks to a tracking device in the dog's ear, and now he is able to return the two to their home together. But what about Alice? Will the Doctor return her to the shambles of her life? There's plenty of time for that, however, she might as well join him for a little adventure. Her mother would have liked that...

Written by Al Ewing & Rob Williams  Art by Simon Fraser