The Tides of Time Parts 3 - 4


In the Matrix, Rassilon gives the Doctor the task of finding and stopping Melanicus. He and his compatriots will help where they can by providing a direct mental link to the Matrix.

The Doctor and Justin return to the TARDIS, but are almost immediately set upon by a wave of energy that seems to constrict the movements of those on the TARIDS. Helplessly, the Doctor watches as a would be assassin emerges through a portal into the TARDIS. Firing his deadly weapon, it looks like the Doctor will be undone by the interloping alien. Suddenly the TARDIS' mysterious stowaway reappears and quickly dispatches the assassin. That very act frees up the energy containing the TARDIS, and the time machine is able to proceed ingot the great maelstrom where Melanicus is holed up.

Once inside the maelstrom, things get weird. At first, it appears the TARDIS has ended up in a very large bath tub, complete with rubber ducky. Once again the mysterious figure appears and pulls the drain plug, The water and the TARDIS go down the drain only to end up at some sort of carnival. The Doctor and Justin are a bit bewildered by how they wound up there. Across the way, the Doctor spots a girl he seems to recognize, but when he tries to get her attention, she flees from him.  He follows her to a roller coaster ride and hops on the car behind hers. As the ride begins, the track makes a sudden and deep drop. So deep that he has gone through the mouth of hell only to come face to face with a giant demon who must certainly be Melanicus. Unbeknownst to the Doctor, he has been joined on this ride by another agent of Rassilon, a mysterious globe headed figure in black. This agent now draws his weapon and destroys the Melanicus figure in a huge blast. Unfortunately, the blast destroys the tracks of the roller coaster, forcing the Doctor and his mysterious companion to jump hundreds of feet.

Meanwhile, the Doctor's medieval companion, Sir Justin, is wandering alone through this amazing carnival of illusion. It isn't long before he is set upon by demons. Justin is quite able to defend himself, but more and more demons keep showing up, and he believes his best course will be to find his way back to the TARDIS.

The Doctor stirs from where he has landed and finds himself alone in a dark manor house. In the dark, the Doctor bumps into a coffin. The coffin opens and Dracula emerges. Despite the Doctor's efforts, Dracula is not swayed by the argument that he is a fictional character. Justin comes upon the Doctor's predicament from the other side of a mirror. With his sword, he smashes his way to the Doctor's side and uses the hilt of his sword as a cross to fend off the vampire. With the way clear, the Doctor and Justin are able to make it back to the TARDIS and dematerialize.

Written by Steve Parkhouse Art by Dave Gibbons

Ship of Fools


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