The Tides of Time Parts 1 - 2


In the halls of the Event Synthesizer, the Prime Mover has just experienced fear. A note of discord has just been struck in the symphony that is the flow of the time stream.

At that same moment, the Doctor is about to step up to bat in a game of cricket. This time it isn't a cricket ball that is bowled, however, it is a grenade. Forty years earlier, a private tosses a cricket ball which was a grenade seconds before. Somehow the two objects have been swapped in time. Gunshots ring out across the cricket field. The Doctor and his fellow cricketers find a groundskeeper who claims to have been attacked by a group of men with swords. The Local PC investigates the area and discovers what appears to be a Roman legionnaire. Before the Doctor can stop it, the groundskeeper shoots his shotgun at the Roman. Seconds later, the Roman vanishes.

Back at the Event Synthesizer, the discordant note has caused a gap in time, a gap that allows the demon Melanicus through. The Demon plans to take over the universe creating nothing but fear and destruction.

Meanwhile on Earth, the Doctor discovers that the time displacement problem isn't just a local issue. It' s happening all over, and perhaps the universe. As he leaves the TARDIS to pursue the source of the problem, he finds himself directly in the path of a jousting knight. The Doctor narrowly avoids the charge, but the knight doesn't avoid the TARDIS. The jouster strikes the TARDIS so hard, that he is flung unconscious from his horse. Concerned for the knights well being, the Doctor drags him into the TARDIS to keep him safe. Once the knight has recovered, the DOctor learns that his name is Sir Justin. Justin seems to take the extraordinary events of the day in stride and accepts that it is God's will that he accompany the Doctor on his mission.

At the Event Synthesizer, Melanicus assumes control of all time and flings the Prime Mover into a time vortex where he will be lost everywhere and nowhere at the same time. But the Demon's actions have not gone unnoticed. On Gallifrey, Rassilon has felt the reigns of time switching to other hands. Something must be done, but can he and his fellow ancients leave the fate of time in the Doctor's hands?

Meanwhile, the Doctor has returned to Gallifrey to get help with the time displacement problem. He immediately heads to the Matrix to connect with all the information gathered by the Time Lords, past and future. What he doesn't see is a mysterious figure materializing and entering the TARDIS as he leaves the blue box behind. Inside the Matrix, the Doctor is immediately greeted by Rassilon. Rassilon introduces him to the other members of his Galactic Intervention Agency, one of whom happens to be Merlin, who the Doctor met in an earlier adventure...

Written by Steve Parkhouse  Art by Dave Gibbons

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